Arrest Warrants – Criminal Identity Theft Can Get You A Warrant

Getting your identity stolen could mean getting arrest warrants

You can’t imagine how awful it can be to have your identity stolen – until it happens to you. You can lose all your money, become loaded with debt that you don’t owe, have your credit rating shot to pieces and you can find yourself with an arrest warrant for an offence that you didn’t commit.

Yes the identity thief can ruin your reputation as well as your finances. Getting an arrest warrant isn’t the first thing that you think of when you worry about identity theft but it can happen.

One of the main reasons, in my opinion, for the apparent increase in identity theft is the Internet. It’s a great tool and I couldn’t do without it but with it’s many benefits it has brought a few problems. One of these problems is the ease with which someone can get hold of your personal details and use them to impersonate you. The more information that exists on the Internet and the more transactions that are made all increase the risk of this happening.

You can take simple common sense precautions to reduce your risk of information theft but you can’t eliminate it altogether. The more information that is stored digitally the more the risk. Especially when government officials seem to be so prone to loosing disks with your details on.

But how can you get an arrest warrant when your identity is stolen?

When you get your identity stolen you might assume that the thief will help him or herself to the money in your bank account or take out a loan in your name that you will then become liable for. You might start getting bills for hire cars and all sorts of other stuff that you never ordered. The idea that you could also end up with an arrest warrant for something that you never did might not even cross your mind but it is possible.

If a thief steals your identity and then goes and commits a crime of some sort and gets caught, he or she will have to give personal details to the police. If an identity thief gets caught then do you think that he would give the police his own details or use a stolen identity? Most likely it’s your details that the police will have on file when the thief skips bail and the arrest warrant is issued. The warrant will be for you and not the thief.

The police will always try to verify the details that they are given but they can only do so much and the thief can make it all look pretty convincing.

Be on the lookout for any arrest warrants that might appear

Minimize the pain that you will have to endure by dealing with an arrest warrant quickly. Check to see if you have arrest warrants regularly and sort them out right away.

Author: Steve Gee

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One Response to Arrest Warrants – Criminal Identity Theft Can Get You A Warrant

  1. Frank says:

    It looks like no one is immune to this. It seems almost inevitable that sooner or later some low life will steal your identity and ruin your life. Apart from the obvious things like be carefull with your private information, does anyone know a foolproof way to eliminate the risk?

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