Active Arrest Warrants – How Do I Check For Arrest Warrants?

Stay out of trouble with the police by checking for any arrest warrants

Do you know what might happen if you have an arrest warrant and ignore it? You might get stopped for a routine check by the police who may well do a check for any warrants out on you. If you do have a warrant you will likely get arrested there and then.

You might hear nothing about your arrest warrant for a long time depending on how serious the offence was and how motivated the police are in your area. One day they will get around to you and you will get a knock at the door early one day and be dragged off to jain.

Neither of these situations is a good one. They both will show that the police tracked you down and arrested you. Things would have gone much better for you if you had voluntarily turned yourself in on the warrant so don’t ignore a warrant if you have one, get a lawyer and give yourself up as soon as you can.

What if you don’t know that you have a warrant?

If you know that you’ve been caught for a traffic offense, or you’ve failed a court appearance, or you’ve done something else that you should not have done then you probably know that you do have an active arrest warrant. But what if you didn’t get the speeding ticket or you completely forgot about the court appearance. Worse still, you could have had your identity stolen and someone else has committed a crime in your name. You wouldn’t have any idea that there is a warrant out for you unless you check to see if you have one.

Don’t wait for the police to come for you – Find your warrants first

Here are some simple ways that you can check for active arrest warrants

  1. Ignore the possibility until the police come for you.
  2. Ask an officer of the law if you have a warrant.
  3. Enquire at the courthouse.
  4. Search a public records database.

Ignore the possibility of a warrant and wait for the police

This is what most people do I suspect but do you want to be the same as everyone else and risk the possibility of an embarrassing visit from the police one day then spending at least a little time in jail.

Ask an officer of the law if you have a warrant

Asking a police officer is an efficient way of finding out if you have a warrant. Unfortunately it’s an efficient way of getting arrested too. If you do have one the officer will be obliged to arrest you. If you choose to try this then go with your bag packed just in case.

Enquire at the courthouse.

Asking at the courthouse where the warrant is issued is a good way to find your warrants provided the warrant was issued there. If you know that you’ve missed a court date or have an unpaid fine or something then you should be able to find out where the correct records office is located. This can be a good way to find your warrants if you can guarantee where they were issued.

Background search for arrest warrants with a public records database

Public records web sites keep a huge database of background information that can be found elsewhere if only you knew where to look for it. The best public records databases have been built over many years and are being constantly updated from hundreds if not, thousands of different sources. There are billions of records available for you to access and arrest warrants are one of the information groups that they specialize in.

You can search for your active arrest warrants with a public records web site in a matter of seconds and you can search in every state not just one. If you want to check to see if you have a warrant then a public records web site has to be your first choice.

Author: Steve Gee

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