Active Arrest Warrants | 3 Ways To Find Out If You Have A Warrant For Arrest

Find out about your active arrest warrants now and save yourself money and hassle

Have you investigated yourself to see if you have any arrest warrants? Most folk hardly ever think about it and probably you are just the same. If that’s the case then have you ever wondered about the consequencies of having an active arrest warrant that you were unaware of?

One day you could get the surprise of your life when the police come calling for you.

You’ll go before a court who know that you were hunted down by the police. You may need time off work, more money than you want to part with in fines and a lot of upset.

Here are 3 methods that you can use to find out if you have warrants and save yourself unnecessary stress and expense.

You can have an active arrest warrant and not know it

The problem with arrest warrants is that sometimes it’s not obvious that you have one. If you’ve robbed a bank or escaped from prison then you should know that there will be a warrant out for you right away but what if you’ve run a traffic light or forgotten to pay a fine or turn up in court when you should have done. Someone could even have stolen your identity and committed a crime while pretending to be you. Any of these things can give you a warrant and ultimately lead to your arrest.

You can’t avoid warrants completely so know how to deal with them instead

If you’ve got a warrant then you can’t stop the process that will inevitably follow but you can minimize the effect of it on you. If you discover that you have a warrant before you get arrested then you have the opportunity to do something about it. Get a lawyer straight away and make arrangements with them to voluntarily hand yourself in.

Simply doing this will show the court that you are trying hard to put things right and so will most likely treat you more lenient.

3 ways of checking to see if you have a warrant for arrest.

All 3 methods are simple but please try to avoid the first one as it may not be good for you. My choice is number 3 because it’s easy, quick and can be very effective.

1. Ask a police officer – This one is not recommended

You need to know that this is perhaps the most sure way of finding any active arrest warrants, at least for the state if not nationwide. The problem with this and the reason that I don’t recommend that you do it, is because it could get you arrested on the spot. As soon as the officer knows that you have a warrant he or she might decide to arrest you on the spot and you will lose the advantage that you might get from handing yourself in voluntarily.

2. Ask at the courthouse

If you know where you might have got a warrant then you can visit the local courthouse and just ask about any warrants. They should give you any details that they find and you are less likely to be arrested than if you asked a police officer.

The problem with this is that you must know where the warrant could have been issued before you go and ask. You could have warrants issued anywhere. This is more likely to happen in the event of criminal identity theft where your name and details have been stolen and an offence has been committed on the other side of the country. How can you find those warrants? There is a way so don’t worry.

3. Go online and search public records

This method will not get you arrested and you have a good chance of finding any warrants that are issued outside of the state. You can search for arrest warrants online using a web site that maintains a database full of public records information. These databases are huge as they pull data from thousands of different sources and organize it to make it easy for you to search.

You don’t risk getting arrested if you use an online web site to find your warrants because the better sites are completely confidential. No one will find out that you’ve done a search and no one will see your results so you are completely safe.

When you find an active warrant go straight out and find yourself a lawyer to steer you through the process of handing yourself in and getting it all straightened out. It’s much better than getting arrested.

Don’t forget to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as you can when you find that you have a warrant for arrest.

Active Arrest Warrants: 3 ways To Find Out If You Have A Warrant For Arrest

How Do I Check For Active Arrest Warrants
Do a background check on yourself and check for arrest warrants. It could keep you out of jail.

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Arrest Warrant Search | Unlimited Free Warrant Checks

Searching for free arrest warrants has never been so easy

Court records building

Search free arrest warrants now

I bet you never thought that you would be able to search for arrest warrants, on just about anyone you want to, as easily as you can find out what the weather is going to be like. Well now you can do exactly that and you might be surprised to find that it can often be more reliable than the weather report too.

You now have access to online Internet investigations web sites that gather together all the public records, including arrest warrants, that are available so that you can search for what you want easily. Arrest records and warrants are public records so you are able to search for them along with criminal records and a lot more background information. So how do you choose the right investigations site for you?

You can’t use a government site to search for any and all public records throughout the country because no such thing exists. Fortunately there are commercial sites that do exist to do just that. They tend to charge low fees, they are easy to use and most have a refund policy just in case you aren’t satisfied with the service. They are no risk to you and they are very easy to use.

How do you pay for an arrest warrant search?

Using a commercial investigations web site for arrest warrant searches can work out very cheaply but if you choose a site with the wrong payment method for the number of searches you are about to do then you might end up spending more than you need to.

Most public records web sites use one of two very different payment models. The first payment system requires you to effectively pay for every search and lookup that you perform. This is a good system if you only want to do a few searches and no more.

Public records are good for more than just arrest records

I don’t know about you but if I go looking for information on someone like free arrest warrants then the chances are I want to know everything I can find about the person. I think that when you get inside a good public records web site that you will probably want to do a lot more than search for free arrest warrants.

You might find, as I did, that you are better off subscribing to a public records service and paying a small fee for an unlimited number of arrest warrant searches, criminal records searches, bankruptcies, marriage records and a whole load of other information. In fact you can do as much searching as you want for free.

This article Absolutely Free Background Checks – Court Records or Inteligator compares 2 great background investigations web sites that allow you to search public records. It illustrates the choice of payment methods that you have.

Monthly membership fees paid to a top flight public records investigations web site can be well worth the cost for the peace of mind of knowing that you can do an arrest warrant search and a full background check on anyone you want, at any time you want. It’s fully confidential and there is often a very low cost trial offer so why not try it out now. Click here to start your arrest warrant searches and background checks.

Find out background about everyone

Who are you going to check out first? Will it be your new boyfriend or a new employee or one of your neighbors perhaps? You can background check everyone you know. Find their arrest warrants and criminal records just for starters.

You can also use public records to find people. Is there someone that you’ve lost touch with? Try searching for them, you never know where it might lead you.

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Search Free Arrest Warrants | How To Find Warrants For Free

Free arrest warrant checks

Arrest warrants and arrest records are publicly available information and accessing warrants at the courthouse should not be a problem if you know which courthouse to enquire at. If it’s your warrant that you are looking for and you know which courthouse to look in then there should be no problem with you searching free arrest warrants.

If you are looking for someone else’s warrants or you don’t know where it might have been isssued then you might get better and faster results by going online. Most law enforcement offices now publish arrest warrants on line and you can usually find lists for county, state and federal warrants. If you know which web sites to look up you can do all of this for free.

You can search county, state and federal records on the web sites appropriate to the area you are interested in without it costing you anything apart from your time. The drawback to this is that it can take you a lot of time to do a full search unless you know exactly which web sites to go to. There are a lot of county and state web sites to look at.

Why are you searching for arrest warrants?

Regular searches for your arrest warrants can help you to avoid some of the more unpleasant aspects of warrants that you are unaware of or forgotten about. This can include getting a call from the police while you are asleep at home and getting taken to jail in handcuffs. More often you can get pulled over for a minor traffic violation and get arrested when the officers find your warrant as a matter of routine.

In all of these cases it would have been better to have handed yourself in after seeking legal advice but you need to know that you have an active warrant before you can do that.

It’s also a good idea to do a criminal background check including arrest warrants for anyone that you have dealings with. Just to make sure that you aren’t walking into trouble.

Free national checks for arrest warrants

You can use a specialist public records web site and search free arrest warrants in all states. It isn’t completely free to access but it is much faster than any other method and if you value your time then this way is much cheaper than most. You can do a confidential warrant search for someone in minutes. You can also look up their criminal records and bankruptcies and do lots of other background checks too.

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Search Free Arrest Warrants | How to Find Your Warrants

Can you check for free arrest warrants?

There are ways that you can do a limited free check for arrest warrants and you may be able to find what you’re looking for without parting with any cash. The free methods of searching for warrants are either risky, limited or involve a lot of work on your part but they do exist and I’ll tell you about some of them below. If you are prepared to pay a little money then there are much better ways to search free arrest warrants and I’ll tell you about those too.

The most obvious way to find an arrest warrant for free is to ask a police officer. Law enforcement officers are able to do a nationwide search for any warrants that you might have so it sounds like a good idea. You might have a problem using this free method if you want to know if someone else has a warrant though. You could also find yourself arrested on the spot if the officer discovers a warrant on you. This is not a free arrest warrant search method that I would recommend.

There are many many courthouses in the country and if you have no idea where your warrant might be then you don’t stand much chance of ending up in the right place to make the right enquiries. You might encounter this problem when you are looking for arrest warrants and other background information for someone else. Maybe an employee or client. Don’t be afraid to use the court records office if you happen to know the location of the warrant though. It’s a relatively painless process.

Can I search free arrest warrants nationally

Can you imagine trying to visit every courthouse in the land or even just contacting them all? It would take you forever and you would have to do it very time you wanted to do a national check. It’s not going to happen is it. You could get a private investigator to do it for you but that’s hardly going to be free. Contacting every courthouse yourself is going to cost you in traveling and telephone charges so not even that method is
completely free.

Get access to national arrest warrant databases for only a small fee

What if you could just go online and find all the active arrest warrants, criminal records, court records and other background information, from all over the country? Sounds a fantasy doesn’t it and just a few years ago it would have been. The birth of the Internet has changed all that. Some companies have realized that there are a lot of people very interested in finding out public information like arrest warrants and doing background checks on themselves or on other people. To satisfy this mass market they have built up huge databases and web sites stuffed full of all the information you could hope to find on just about anyone.

Some of these public records web sites will require payment for each search that you do but there are others that allow you unlimited access to search free arrest warrants when you sign up with them. Either way the charges are small because the market is so large that they can cover their costs easily. It’s a lot easier than trying to visit every courthouse in the land every time you want to check someone out. You can go online and search free arrest warrants in public records in the next 5 minutes. Try it out now.

Start searching for arrest warrants now

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