Absolutely Free Background Checks And Unlimited Cheap Background Checks

It’s now possible to background check almost anyone you meet

Wouldn’t you like to know if someone close to you had a criminal record? Do you think that it would be a good idea to pay someone to do work for you if they have been made bankrupt? What about letting a sex offender get close to your children? It’s not that difficult to find out these things about people today and it’s often possible to do absolutely free or very cheap background checks. If it’s that easy and cheap then why not make a habit of doing background checks on everyone.

How many times do you have to get lied to and mistreated before you stop believing in human nature? For most people the answer to that is “not many” and I’m guessing that you are the same. Most people are good, honest and trustworthy, or that’s what I believe at least. Unfortunately there are a small number of people who are not as honest as you would like them to be and it’s this small minority that can do a lot of damage to you as an individual and to society as a whole. It only takes one bad experience with a person like this and you start to loose faith in everyone but you can take steps to avoid this situation.

Background checking has become surprisingly easy to do

You might think that doing a background check on someone takes a long time and is very expensive. Until very recently this was true. Checking someone out involved either doing a lot of legwork yourself or hiring someone to do it for you. There were some things that only a private detective could do so you had no choice if that’s what you wanted. Most of the information that you need to do a background check on someone like criminal records, arrest warrants and sex offender records is now available online in public records web sites so in most normal circumstances you can find what you need very quickly and surprisingly cheaply too.

There are some very good public records web sites on the Internet today that carry billions of records in their databases. You can find criminal records, do arrest warrant or sex offender searches or even just locate someone from their telephone number. This type of web site just gets better every day by the sheer amount of new data that they gather for their database.

Membership of a public records site makes background checking fun

You can use public records web sites on a pay as you go arrangement where each search you perform costs you a little money. The good sites can provide good value for money when you are background checking people in this way. That’s the way I used to do it but as I started to do more and more background checks I switched to using a membership site instead. When you join a public records membership site you can do an unlimited number of absolutely free background checks whenever you like. This can work out much cheaper and be much more fun.

Subscribing to a membership site where all your searches are free can be beneficial in other ways too. You will find that you start doing background checks on a lot more people when you don’t have to watch the dollars mounting up. It will liberate your investigations to the point where finding out information on people becomes a fun and enjoyable thing to do instead of being an expensive task that has to be done.

Today, I think that subscribing to a public records membership site is the way to go. Everyone should have the facility to check people out and you should use it as often as you can on everyone you can manage. If we all did this it might make the world just that little bit better to live in.

Absolutely Free Background Checks – Almost
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I Need a Boyfriend Background Check

Doing a background check on your boyfriend can be easier than you think

Is everything ok with you and your boyfriend? How much do you really know about him? Why don’t you do yourself a favor and get a confidential background check done on him before your relationship goes any further. A simple and easy to do online background check can quickly show you if there are any available public records on him. You might find criminal records or arrest warrants or worse but more likely you will find that your boyfriend is exactly what he seems to be and there are no bad things to find. This will put your mind at rest.

Getting to know your boyfriend

You can do an online background check on anyone at any time but you don’t have to check out your new boyfriend the moment that you meet him. You can leave it until you’ve had a good chance to talk to him and hear about his background from him.

Take your time about the questioning. Little and often generally works best and it won’t sound as if you are giving him the third degree. There shouldn’t be any tension in this process. If there is then maybe this is a sign that all is not as it seems perhaps.

Try to get to know some of his relatives and friends too. You can often find out lots of information from other people that might not be offered freely from the guy that you are dating. Compare this information with what your boyfriend has told you. If there are inconsistencies then challenge him about them.

Should you use a private investigator to check out your boyfriend?

If you have plenty of money to pay people to do whatever you need then you can hire a private investigator to dig up the background on your boyfriend. This can be very effective and it involves very little work on your part.

Hiring a private detective can be very expensive because you are paying for the PI’s time to do the work for you. You will also have the same expense the next time you want to check someone out.

Use an online database just like the law enforcement agencies do

Instead of paying for a private detective every time you need a background check done why not use an online service that gathers billions of public records and makes them all available to you for a small fee. Imagine that – you can go online and do practically the same as a private eye would do and you can do it in seconds too.

Today you can use web sites that accumulate information from hundreds of different sources. They collect public records by reaching out to every source they can get their hands on including some databases that you would find very difficult to access in any other way.

Web sites like this solve the problem of knowing where to look for the information you need when you are trying to use free public records. They’ve already done the work for you and brought all the information to you in one easy to use web site.

I Need a Boyfriend Background Check
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Warrant For Arrest Search | How Do I Search For Warrants

Who wants to do a warrant for arrest search?

Do you think that the world might be a better place to live in if you were able to do a warrant for arrest search on anyone and everyone you wanted to? Do you think that you would be careful if you knew that someone you deal with has an arrest record? If everyone could access arrest records do you think that some criminals would think twice about offending and getting arrested? Well it is now possible to find arrest warrants, arrest records and criminal records very easily.

If you are dating someone or you are about to offer them a job of some sort then you might want to know about any arrest warrants that they might have.

If you are about to give someone access to your home to do some work or just on a social invitation then it might be a good idea to find out if they have a criminal record first.

If you are about to entrust the care of your children to someone then you should try to find out everything that you can about the person before you leave your kids with them. You can do a much more comprehensive background check on them than you can by just looking them up in the sex offender register too

Look up your own warrant for arrest

Don’t forget to check yourself out regularly for arrest warrants too. You never know when you might pick one up and it could be for something that you know nothing about. Getting yourself a lawyer, handing yourself in and dealing with a warrant as quickly as possible is always better than getting arrested by surprise and thrown behind bars.

Warrant for arrest search on friends and neighbors

Do you know who your friends are? I mean, how well do you know them really? You probably only know what they have told you about themselves. After all, why would they tell you about their criminal records and arrest warrants? They might be wanted by the police right now.

Arrest warrants are not convictions

When you are doing a warrant for arrest search on someone you should bear in mind that lots of innocent people get warrants and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have done anything wrong.

Arrest warrants don’t always lead to convictions but they do stay on the record for you to find. If you do find that someone has an arrest record then you should try to find out more about them before you make your judgement.

You can find out more about a person by checking their criminal history, bankruptcy records, their address and general background information. You want to know if they are really who they say that they are don’t you?

You might be interested in their credit rating too if there could be money involved in your association with the person.

Warrant for arrest search online

Most law enforcement departments now publish active arrest warrants and arrest records online which makes it very easy for you to check someone out if you know which area they might have warrants in.

If you want to do a wider search then you can use an inexpensive public records online database. Arrest records are public records and they are collected by public records web sites to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Web sites like this collect all sorts of public records, not just warrants, You can search criminal records, court records, bankruptcies, addresses, neighbors and all kind of things.

There is no reason why you should not do a warrant for arrest search or a background check on everyone you know because it is so quick, easy and cheap to do.

Warrant For Arrest Search – How Do I Search For Warrants
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Convict Search Engines | No Dating Without Checking

Always check your dates

It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, you still need to be very careful when you date someone. I’ve just been reading an article about a mature lady who paid a dating agency a lot of money to find and vet a suitable partner for her only to find that the man they fixed her up with had a string of convictions to his name.

Now you might have expected that the dating agency would have made reasonable efforts to check whether it’s members have criminal records or not. After all this wasn’t a cheap online dating site, the fees were thousands of dollars and for that I think that price you should expect a thorough service. Apparently this didn’t happen in this case.

Why pay an expensive dating agency?

You may ask yourself why anyone would want to pay so much money to an agency just to find a date. There are plenty of free dating web sites on the Internet that you can use after all. I’m guessing that they do it because they think that the agency will protect them in some way from getting a bad apple. It’s also possible that they think that the more they pay then the more protection they are going to get. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

So if you can’t rely on someone else to background check your dates for you then what can you do? I would suggest that wherever possible you take responsibility for checking people out yourself. There is no harm in employing an agency who should be doing this for you of course but even if you do then do make sure that you do some simple online checks yourself. This way you can be sure that you have done everything that you can to make sure that you stay safe.

Background check your date

Before you ever do anything serious with a new friend, no matter how you met them, check them out online. There are some very well established background checking web sites on the Internet that you can use very cheaply. Not only do they work like convict search engines to show you previous convictions and arrest warrants that your date might have but they can also tell you a lot more about your friend too. Possibly more than you could ever expect from a dating agency or web site.

When I first started using background checking web sites to investigate people I wanted to know the big stuff like has he got any convictions or warrants out for him? Sometimes I was interested to know whether someone had been made bankrupt or not. A pretty important point when you are considering the possibility of spending the rest of your life with someone.

Investigating people can be fun

I hadn’t been investigating people online for very long before I realized that there was so much more information that you can potentially find out about someone by using these web sites. You can check their address and phone number for a start. You can then go on to check if there are any marriage or divorce records. Did he tell you that he wasn’t married? Now you might be able to catch him out.

When you have done all that you can even find information about relatives and neighbors. It’s a whole lot of fun and can be very addictive once you get started.

Online investigations web sites gather together as much publicly available information that they can find into one enormous database. They can never be completely accurate or 100% complete of course but new records are added all the time and if you find something in there that gives you reason for concern then you should challenge your friend with it. It is always better to be safe than sorry so remember, make sure that your friend isn’t hiding his past from you. No dating without background checking first.

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Background Checks For Smartphone Users

If you have an Android, iPhone, Windows phone or any other type of smartphone then you might be interested in an article that I’ve just posted in the Tips & Tricks section. Its entitled Arrest Warrant Checks For Android & iPhone and it reveals a recent discovery of mine that I have found to be very usefull.

For a long time now I’ve been using my Android phone and public records websites to do background checks on people while I’m out of the house and away from my computer. This has been ok but I have found it a bit fiddly when using web sites on my phone that were designed for computers with big screens. So I went looking for a records site that did arrest warrant and other background checks which also had an interface that fitted better on my phone.

I found one and the details are here. Make sure that you go check it out now.

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Arrest Warrant Search – Remember This When You Get Arrested

When you are arrested please don’t talk

Did you think that you could breeze through your whole life without ever getting arrested for anything? Well perhaps you can, some people manage to do it. But what about all the thousands upon thousands of people that get arrested every day. You can get arrested for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time or you might be in some way connected to a crime and the cops think that they have just cause to arrest you. You could even have an active arrest warrant for not turning up in court or not paying fines or something. You can even get an arrest warrant if someone steals your identity and uses it for criminal activity. It does happen and it is becoming increasingly common.

Has your car blown a tail light since you checked them last? You can get stopped for that and a zillion other things that allow the cops to stop and search your car and check for any arrest warrants that you might have. If they find something that you should not have in your car like drugs or firearms then you are pretty likely to get arrested. They won’t listen to any arguments that the property belonged to your friends who you had given a lift to. You are responsible, you get arrested and the cop get the points to put towards his career.

Even if you somehow manage to avoid arrest all your life it is still a good idea to know what to do when you do get arrested. Chance favors the prepared mind they say and it is very true. If you are prepared for the little tests that life throws at you then you are much more likely to end up passing with flying colors. So the first thing to remember when the police arrest you is to shut up. Tell them your name and address and then don’t say anything else. Be courteous and polite but don’t volunteer any information because you may find that what you do say is used against you in court. The cops are not your friends in this conversation. Do not treat them as if they are.

Say only what you absolutely need to then shut up

“Anything you say may be used in evidence against you”. This is a warning that you should take very seriously. If what you say is going to be used to convict you then why would you want to say anything? It would be stupid to do that right?

If you think that it’s bad in America just look at what advice the police give you in the UK when you get arrested. They don’t tell you that they are going to use your words against you. Instead, they tell you that if you don’t say anything then you will not be able to rely on the facts in court. This is just a lie and a clever coercion technique to get you to incriminate yourself. Don’t fall into this trap, keep your mouth shut and let the police search for the information by themselves.

A good lawyer can be a good investment

Lawyers can be expensive enough to make your eyes water but can you afford to be without one? What price do you put on your freedom, your future and your good name?

Don’t think that everything you say will be heard in court. Far from it. The prosecution will pick and choose what they tell the jury to make certain that you are painted in the worst possible light. If you say just one thing to the police that sounds bad then you can bet that is the one thing that the jury is certain to get to hear.

Avoid physical contact

Backing away from a police officer can be seen as resisting arrest which is an offence. Getting too close to or touching an officer can be considered assaulting a police officer which is also an offence. Who knows what other offences they can pile upon you if you get too mouthy, violent, agitated or try to run. Stand your ground, don’t react to any abuse they might give you, take it on the chin and don’t say anything. If you take this advice then the cops won’t be able to add any offences and the arrest just might become less attractive to them. In any event, if you are going to be arrested then you don’t want to be arrested for more than you have to be.

Why would you not want a lawyer present?

People who refuse to have legal council present when they are being questioned by the police must be crazy. Lots of people waive this right even when a lawyer is offered for free. Why would you do that? I suppose that if you know you are innocent and you are a fine upstanding member of the society then you might think that you have nothing to fear and all you want to do is help the police with their enquiries. Wrong. This is a naive belief. When you are arrested you are not helping the police to find the truth and the real criminals, you are helping them to convict you. A lawyer can help to protect you from saying things that you are best advised not to. Don’t refuse a lawyer. Make sure you have legal representation at all times.

What do the police get for finding the truth? Nothing at all. What do the police get for convicting you? A promotion, or at least more points on their tally sheet to help their career progression. The police will do everything that they can to try and convict you whether you are innocent or guilty. Can you blame them for doing that? After all it’s what their job demands of them.

The police are your enemies when you get arrested

The justice system guarantees that the police become your enemies the moment that they arrest you. The whole process is defined as “adversarial” which means that it becomes war and the police are not on your side.

When the police interview you it might seem like you are just having a friendly chat. Don’t be fooled by this. They are very well trained in interrogation techniques. They will first try to gain your confidence then they will embark upon a series of questions designed to get you to tell them exactly what they want you to say. Don’t think that you have free will in this process. You are being manipulated. Don’t say anything at all then you won’t tell them what they want to hear.

What about the real criminals?

Cooperating with the police is the same as giving them ammunition with which to shoot you in court. If they can do this then why would they bother to waste their time looking for the real culprits? If they can convict you with what you have given them it’s a lot easier than chasing after someone that they might not even know about yet. Not giving them any information will force the police to work harder and look for the truth. Don’t stop them from doing this.

Deal with any outstanding arrest warrants promptly

One very common way to get yourself arrested is to ignore an active arrest warrant. Sooner of later they will come and arrest you and when this happens you will most definitely be their enemy number one that day. If you give yourself in voluntarily however the rules of engagement change significantly. You can find out if you have an active arrest warrant with an online public records web site. This is easy and convenient and something that you can do regularly because it is quick and confidential. It’s not expensive and can give you a lot of peace of mind.

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Active Arrest Warrants – How Do I Check For Arrest Warrants?

Stay out of trouble with the police by checking for any arrest warrants

Do you know what might happen if you have an arrest warrant and ignore it? You might get stopped for a routine check by the police who may well do a check for any warrants out on you. If you do have a warrant you will likely get arrested there and then.

You might hear nothing about your arrest warrant for a long time depending on how serious the offence was and how motivated the police are in your area. One day they will get around to you and you will get a knock at the door early one day and be dragged off to jain.

Neither of these situations is a good one. They both will show that the police tracked you down and arrested you. Things would have gone much better for you if you had voluntarily turned yourself in on the warrant so don’t ignore a warrant if you have one, get a lawyer and give yourself up as soon as you can.

What if you don’t know that you have a warrant?

If you know that you’ve been caught for a traffic offense, or you’ve failed a court appearance, or you’ve done something else that you should not have done then you probably know that you do have an active arrest warrant. But what if you didn’t get the speeding ticket or you completely forgot about the court appearance. Worse still, you could have had your identity stolen and someone else has committed a crime in your name. You wouldn’t have any idea that there is a warrant out for you unless you check to see if you have one.

Don’t wait for the police to come for you – Find your warrants first

Here are some simple ways that you can check for active arrest warrants

  1. Ignore the possibility until the police come for you.
  2. Ask an officer of the law if you have a warrant.
  3. Enquire at the courthouse.
  4. Search a public records database.

Ignore the possibility of a warrant and wait for the police

This is what most people do I suspect but do you want to be the same as everyone else and risk the possibility of an embarrassing visit from the police one day then spending at least a little time in jail.

Ask an officer of the law if you have a warrant

Asking a police officer is an efficient way of finding out if you have a warrant. Unfortunately it’s an efficient way of getting arrested too. If you do have one the officer will be obliged to arrest you. If you choose to try this then go with your bag packed just in case.

Enquire at the courthouse.

Asking at the courthouse where the warrant is issued is a good way to find your warrants provided the warrant was issued there. If you know that you’ve missed a court date or have an unpaid fine or something then you should be able to find out where the correct records office is located. This can be a good way to find your warrants if you can guarantee where they were issued.

Background search for arrest warrants with a public records database

Public records web sites keep a huge database of background information that can be found elsewhere if only you knew where to look for it. The best public records databases have been built over many years and are being constantly updated from hundreds if not, thousands of different sources. There are billions of records available for you to access and arrest warrants are one of the information groups that they specialize in.

You can search for your active arrest warrants with a public records web site in a matter of seconds and you can search in every state not just one. If you want to check to see if you have a warrant then a public records web site has to be your first choice.

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Find Arrest Records Public and Free So You Can Sleep Easy

You’ve just hooked up with someone new and exiting, or you’ve just discovered that your son or your daughter is going to get married to someone who is a complete stranger to you. Possibly you intend to hire someone to look after your children for you, or you have a brand new tenant about to move into a property that you own. These individuals all look great on the face of it, but you can never know for sure what monsters lie under the surface unless you look closely. It’s time that you checked out arrest records, public and free information that is accessible to you.

Being aware if this new someone in your life is doing well is valuable. Miserable as it might be, there are those who may have been in front of a judge or magistrate too often for your liking and that might make a big difference to you. You might think that it’s not feasible to get background information on others. It is, and it’s not difficult either. You can find out about virtually anyone’s arrest records – and they can investigate and find out if you have an arrest record, too – for free. Click here to check warrants for arrest

An arrest record is commonly public unless the court has sealed the record. This is not normal. In most cases, if someone has been arrested for an offence, whether it’s a serious felony or a misdemeanor, the record of that arrest is open for you and everyone else to view.

If you know where to look for free public arrest records, they can turn out to be an enormous help when you’re attempting to make weighty personal and business decisions. Arrest records public and free can be obtained from many different sources and so can criminal records and a huge amount of other information.

A police officer or your neighborhood police department can provide you with arrest records on yourself if you ask them, and so can your county and state police organizations, as well as other law enforcement agencies. Each law enforcement agency will have a different method for you to search out arrest records, but because these records are public, you do have access to them. If the peace officer does find active warrants for you then they can lawfully arrest you where you stand so go careful with this method. Don’t give the police officer probable cause that you could be involved in a misdemeanor or felony either because they might decide to arrest you anyway, warrant or not.

Another useful place to look for free public arrest records is by using services that specialize in providing this kind of information to you. You can retrieve arrest reports, sex offender reports, court records, employment and property ownership records, do comprehensive people searches and find many other types of information. You can be your own undercover agent.

A company that specializes in searching for and providing you with this kind of information will use computer and Internet technology to explore huge databases that can include information on almost anyone you want to know about. You only need to supply a little basic information and search can begin. Access free public records and background checks

Because the world is becoming more connected every day, individuals are far more mobile than they used to be and nearly all of the information about arrest records, court records and more is at our fingertips on the internet, there is no reason that you should put off looking for outstanding arrest records public and free on anyone that you need to know more about.

Find arrest warrants now

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Active Arrest Warrants – How to Find Out How Many Criminals Live in Your Neighborhood?

Do you know where the criminals are in your area

I was talking to someone recently about the importance of doing regular background checks on yourself to make sure that you don’t have any arrest warrants and that your records are correct. I was shocked and amazed by what this person told me.

I said that if you wanted to avoid the stress and financial loss, not to mention the embarrassment that would happen to you if the police came and arrested you on a warrant unexpectedly one day then you have to make regular checks to see if you have an arrest warrant anywhere in the country. If you know that you have a warrant then you can get a lawyer and go and hand yourself in voluntarily which not only is the right thing to do but it will also lead to the best outcome for you.

Criminals avoid active arrest warrants by moving state

I must have touched a nerve in the stranger that I was talking to because what he said to me next left me speechless. He laughed and told me that both he and his wife both had active arrest warrants in a different state and they simply moved to avoid them. Apparently they had warrants in other states dating back years and they haven’t been caught yet.

The police can’t afford to enforce arrest warrants from other states

He explained to me that police departments aren’t keen to chase people once they move out of the state that they committed the offence in. Apparently it’s too expensive to cooperate with other police departments and I guess “out of state – out of mind”.

The person that told me this then informed me that moving state was a very common method of evading the law and that he knew of many more criminals living in the area that had moved to escape capture in states where they had committed crimes.

Anyone in your area could have an active arrest warrant

You probably thought that most criminals get caught sooner or later which meant that the chances of you coming in contact with them was low. This is what I thought too but the conversation with this stranger has opened my eyes. There could be a lot more people with criminal records or arrest warrants living in your area than you thought.

Find out who the criminals are

So what can you do about it? You can do what I did right after my conversation with the stranger. Sign up at a public records web site where you can check out the arrest warrants, criminal records and other background information on anyone you want. It’s not expensive compared with the peace of mind that you’ll get from knowing where the criminals are. Start by checking out the people that you have most contact with and especially anyone that you are considering hiring to do any work for you. Then you can check out all the people that live in your area.

If you are brave then you can tip off the police about the whereabouts of these criminals trying to evade warrants. The least you should do is stay away from them and don’t invite them into your home.

Check out your neighborhood today

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Arrest Warrants – Criminal Identity Theft Can Get You A Warrant

Getting your identity stolen could mean getting arrest warrants

You can’t imagine how awful it can be to have your identity stolen – until it happens to you. You can lose all your money, become loaded with debt that you don’t owe, have your credit rating shot to pieces and you can find yourself with an arrest warrant for an offence that you didn’t commit.

Yes the identity thief can ruin your reputation as well as your finances. Getting an arrest warrant isn’t the first thing that you think of when you worry about identity theft but it can happen.

One of the main reasons, in my opinion, for the apparent increase in identity theft is the Internet. It’s a great tool and I couldn’t do without it but with it’s many benefits it has brought a few problems. One of these problems is the ease with which someone can get hold of your personal details and use them to impersonate you. The more information that exists on the Internet and the more transactions that are made all increase the risk of this happening.

You can take simple common sense precautions to reduce your risk of information theft but you can’t eliminate it altogether. The more information that is stored digitally the more the risk. Especially when government officials seem to be so prone to loosing disks with your details on.

But how can you get an arrest warrant when your identity is stolen?

When you get your identity stolen you might assume that the thief will help him or herself to the money in your bank account or take out a loan in your name that you will then become liable for. You might start getting bills for hire cars and all sorts of other stuff that you never ordered. The idea that you could also end up with an arrest warrant for something that you never did might not even cross your mind but it is possible.

If a thief steals your identity and then goes and commits a crime of some sort and gets caught, he or she will have to give personal details to the police. If an identity thief gets caught then do you think that he would give the police his own details or use a stolen identity? Most likely it’s your details that the police will have on file when the thief skips bail and the arrest warrant is issued. The warrant will be for you and not the thief.

The police will always try to verify the details that they are given but they can only do so much and the thief can make it all look pretty convincing.

Be on the lookout for any arrest warrants that might appear

Minimize the pain that you will have to endure by dealing with an arrest warrant quickly. Check to see if you have arrest warrants regularly and sort them out right away.

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